The 5 Stages of Spiritual Awakening & How to Achieve Them

What is Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakening is a state of full Awareness. Professionals call spiritual awakening like this; it is the moment when one obviates all his present concepts of the world and “Awake” with the new perspective of the world. Many names and titles have been entitled to this, such as Nirvana, Bliss, Spiritual Enlightenment, etc. Many great artists have practiced Spiritual awakening and explained it through their art.

Awakened people become a different breed. They think; differently, they live other even they eat differently. Being awakened means you have known the whole truth, which is above all the superficial worldly things. You get a clear picture of your and this universe’s purpose, and you set your goals according to that. Awakened people tend to think big and approach bigger dreams. Many historians who have changed the course of this world were Spiritually Enlighted.

If you want to experience this beautiful and cognizant excursion, you are most welcome! Everyone is entitled to reform himself and explore his spiritual limits. We have provided an introductory guide to attaining spiritual enlightenment. There are different Spiritual awakening stages. These stages work as milestones throughout your journey. You can make yourself spiritually awaken by following these five steps.

1.   Sense of connection

The first step in getting closer to be awakened is understanding and knowing your connection with this world society and everything it holds. These are the little details of our lives which no one thinks or regards as essential. But this is the first and prime step in the process of self-awareness.

In our daily lives, we forget about the significant connections in which we are connected. We ignore them unceasingly, for example, our relationship with the animals and not just pets or wild ones, even the insects, flies, spiders, moths, etc. They are heavily affected by our presence, and that’s not something to be ignored. When you get to know about your connection and your role assigned to you per these connections, you ponder how little your vision was. This exercise will enhance your image and approach towards everything.

2.   Let go of Attachments.

Everyone is attached to many things. One of the strongest attachments is one’s close relations. But there is another kind of attachment which is with the things that he uses and adores. We randomly get attached to things like having a favorite pair of shoes and a favorite tv show, and there are many other examples.

When you become spiritually awakened, you let go of the useless attachments which have no gain for you. For example, an awakened person would cut off his excessive attachments to hold you back and make you vulnerable.

3.   Finding your inner peace

Finding your inner peace is a significant step in the process of gaining spiritual awakening. When you get a deeper look at yourself, you recognize your likeness. You get a better understanding of your inner self. And you get to know that what brings peace to you.

4.   No fear of death

Having no fear of death is an advanced stage of spiritual awakening. A spiritual Enlighted person is not afraid of dying. He has a better and stronger connection with mother nature and the metaphysical world. He has been aware of everything within him, everything around him, and even about the things an ordinary person cannot apprehend.

A lack of knowledge accompanies fear of death. The main worry is; what will happen next? That the main root of fear once to surpass this stage of oblivion you have no fear of death.

5.   Flourishment of your authentic self

The last and the primary stage is the upbringing of your reality. When one goes through the spiritual awakening stages, one develops his authentic self, which is not impure of imitation or faux aspects. Attaining your authentic self is the ultimate goal of being spiritually awakened.

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