Soul Integration

During the ascension process, your mental body will dismantle and challenge the integration of your soul’s embodiment into the physical form. 

The mental body is deeply connected to the 3rd dimensional programming and personality matrix. As the soul’s light essence integrates into the physical form, all the old stories and beliefs will be challenged. This process is shocking for many as they do not have the tools and context to navigate and surrender to what is happening. This process is also known as the dark night of the soul. Simply put, this is dismantling of the mental body as the soul begins to take over the physical form. I have personally gone through this process numerous times.  Space and time are no longer operating as they once did. Those paradigms of consciousness are not supported within the new harmonic network.  You can witness the manifestation of this mental dismantling globally. Humanity is waking up, collectively and individually. There is no one who is not affected by this energetic shift into new harmonic structures. The body is changing at a molecular level and will require rest to recalibrate. This will likely challenge your personality programs that connect you to the 3rd dimensional matrix structures. Please allow yourself time and rest to reset. Your body is going through a defragmentation of old energetic sequences that are no longer supported in this new consciousness field. Surrender to this process, you are not alone. Allow your foundation to build as your soul integrates into your physical structure. The integration will align you with a new way of creating your reality. This truly is a gift. What a time to be alive. 

With Love,


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