New Earth is manifested through you.

New earth creation is directly connected to the expression of our DNA. The ability to create new paradigms and dissolve old, outdated, and destructive systems resides within each one of us. You are the micro to the macro. That is, our universal time matrix. Our planet is a platform with energetic abilities that make waves throughout all time and space. As light/sound energy spectrums make their way into our 3rd dimensional density, matter manifests. The manifestation of our experience is directly connected to the human body and the expression of our individual DNA. Human beings are the prism that filters these energies. We are an extension of the planet carrying a seed of creation from the cosmos. We have created the “culture” of humanity with the momentum of the masses. Where attention goes, energy flows, but oh, this is so much bigger than that!
Let me dive in… Human DNA has infinite combinations and capabilities of expression. Each of our physical bodies is carrying a code, that is the expression of our DNA. The issue with our planet is the distortions, implants, and “Negative” Alien manipulation of our DNA and its expression. Yea, I did just say aliens have altered our DNA and not for the greater good… As we enter into this new cycle of human evolution, some are awakening to this truth and the push for disclosure is underway. Your body is a hologram and it’s highly likely you have unknowingly participated in creating systems on earth that rob our planet of its natural resources and enslave the minds of humanity to do so. You may still be a slave to these distortions, implants, and alterations within your personal hologram. It’s also possible you can shift out of the old programs and build something new. The truth is within you and you will uncover it once you get past your mental and physical blocks and connect with the intelligence of your soul’s specific mission.

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