Mental discipline. Align with divine will.

What is coming from you and what is coming from something outside of you? 

Personal will and ego’s desire have been manipulating the energetics of humanity through the new age community. Personal integrity and a commitment to serving divine will is the only path to true sovereignty. When we make moves in order to accumulate power, status, or material possessions, we are not fully sovereign. Individuals who know this game and play this game understand how the human ego sees value and in turn uses their electronic awareness to build their empire.

What you’re witnessing now is a wave of consciousness pulling the newly awakened individuals back into the same paradigm structures we are meant to dismantle. There are numerous ads and marketing schemes all over social media offering “manifestation courses”. I am not saying all is offered with ill intention, but discern your options. I know many individuals working here now truly helping humanity ascend through education and proper intention. There is a difference between using the law of attraction to impose your will on others and aligning with the divine energetics of creation to play your part in a higher understanding. This is why I affirm to myself, not my will, divine will. This is some of the hardest work I’ve ever done.

I was once stuck in survival programming and that behavior contributed to the solidification of these paradigms. A full release of all connection links to the material world that I once felt determined my value and place in society. Align your consciousness with the will of god and allow experience to unfold naturally. By abusing your power and imposing your will on others, you are creating more karma that will return to you. Only you are aware of your true intentions. Ask yourself “Is this divinely inspired service or am I seeking to, consume financial or material means?” Become fully inner-sustained by releasing the need to take and the universe will provide all you need when you need it. The collective over consumption model has to go. Flow over force. 

Yes, this can be scary. Yes, your faith will be tested. What is happening is an opportunity to release yourself entirely from the 3D matrix structures. The more people who do this, the less power this structure has over our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. To become a sovereign galactic citizen does require discipline and dedication. It will not make sense to the linear thinking mind. At this point, you are integrating the soul’s intelligence and the divine nature of creation. Allow the ego programs to show themselves as you release mental bondage to the enslavement structure. 

With love, 


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