The brain is only a receiver of what the individual’s consciousness is able to access about itself and its environment.

 Do you own your thoughts?

 Do you own your behaviors?

 Do you own your actions? 

Are you a slave to subconscious patterns? 

   There is a significant amount of distortion and interference in regards to our capability to quantify the reality around us. There have been multiple scientific studies confirming that human brain wave behavior can be influenced when exposed to light and sound frequencies. There is a super intelligence inside of you just waiting to be awakened. Unfortunately, there is also an elite agenda to enslave humanity through the avenue of mind control.     Electromagnetic warfare is at an all-time high as more and more individuals are breaking through these consciousness barriers and connecting with their intuition. This is known as the global awakening. 2023 will be a year of introspection for many. This will serve the whole of humanity, as more of us are understanding just how significant the direction of our attention is to solidifying thought-forms into matter.     As we become more inner directed, we awaken to the distortions and beliefs we’ve been holding that are in direct contribution to many of the issues plaguing humanity today.  Question everything, your perceptions, motivations, and even your instinctual drives. These behaviors may be a product of thought-form implantation that has been externally projected into your consciousness. Your consent to participate in the exchange of energy transference through wave forms technology allows access to your consciousness. In layman’s terms, observe what you participate in! 

What type of music do you listen to? 

Is this a message of unity, love, harmony? 

Are you allowing death programming and messages of division to enter into your human body hologram?

 Am I eating clean organic food? 

Human eating GMO becomes GMO, you will be easier to manipulate. 

   Self awareness and accountability will free you from these distortions and implantations within your field. Most of the collective have been living on auto pilot, completely unaware of why they think the way they do or how they are structuring their reality.     Mind control and this advanced frequency tech is deeply imbedded into our bodies. The impact on our biology and neurobiology has many seeking help at this time, questioning what is happening to them while going through the experience of a spiritual awakening. The interference with DNA signally via mind control and frequency implantation was put into place in order to maintain control of human consciousness.     Building a practice of pure presence and awareness will help you discern energetic interference and avoid mind control manipulation. Stay fully present with your moment, as reality fluctuates in response to our present state. The practice of pure presence will also help with healing generational programs or mind control implants passed through your ancestral line. Discipline your mind, free yourself.     Welcome to earth, also known as the prison planet. If you’re reading this, you’re part of the change. This change begins within each of us. Free your consciousness. Do not follow the crowd, they’re going the wrong way. YOU are the most advanced form of technology, everything else is imitation. The controllers of this planet know this and it’s time you learned the truth.