Dismantling of Descending Grid Hubs

The work being done with the grids of Gaia will allow humanity to establish coherent connections with the intelligence of our planet. 

The structures that once harvested the life force energy of humans within the body of Gaia are dissolving.  Souls are freed from their entrapment within these grid structures. There is a deeper meaning and reason behind the ritual abuse and crimes against humanity we have been shown. This agenda goes so much deeper. It was always about power, and power in the form of the life-force energies. 

Full disclosure will help humanity understand the severity of what this planet and its inhabitants have endured. 

These structures powered a grid system that kept many of us mind-controlled and unaware of what was truly transpiring on our planet and how we were unconsciously allowing it. The darkness and ritual abuse seen by those who have their eye open is the last attempt to keep these grid systems in place and active. 

It is necessary to keep the physical body as strong and healthy as possible. Now is the time to focus inward. Although these structures are being dismantled, many of us still hold a matching resonance within our biology. This is the epigenetic trauma codes embedded in your DNA. Keep doing your inner work to heal. Pay attention to your structure and what “triggers” you. These triggers are connection links. Use the mind as your tool to override old narratives not aligned with a unified world view.  Use modalities such as breathe-work to regulate and calm the nervous system. It will get easier. This has been a long time coming.

With love,


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