Becoming Sovereign will help you to experience peace, relief, and clarity on where you’re headed!

Release past traumas, resentments, and fear! The journey of sovereignty is key to living a peaceful harmonious life.

Connected to all through god but attached to nothing. All you desire is within you. Claiming yourself as whole is how you reach those desires.

Are you ready to let go of what’s holding you back from the life you are meant for?

Feel guilt or shame about the past?

Attach to the emotions of others?

Feel anxiety when you think of the future?

Have self-esteem issues?

Live a hectic life? 

Allow toxic people and behaviors into your life? 

This is the course that will help you discover where you are giving your power away.

You will learn how to align with your inner being and rise.

You will experience more peace and presence in the moment. 

You will learn how to let go of toxic people and toxic behaviors.

You will attract more positive energy and experiences. 

You become extremely magnetic.

You will feel confident and complete. 

The opinion and energy of others will no longer affect you. 

You will open your mind to more possibilities and potential. 

You align with your true purpose and mission. 

"I am a Sovereign being
I take full responsibility for my thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
I have the right to say no.
I am not obligated to respond"
Metaphysical Ash


A 6 week transformational program created to help individuals and humanity connect more deeply with their inner truth, higher self, and live a life of full abundance in all areas. Together we pinpoint areas of lack, remove mental blocks, create stronger boundaries, and expand inherit gifts. 

A full assessment of internal structure and programs. Focus on areas that require adjustments of perception, acknowledgement of purpose, forgiveness, and unconditional love. These calls dig deep into our core beliefs, patterns, and programs creating our behaviors and dictating our outer experience. 

All guidance is led from the heart-center.

Specific modalities and esoteric teaching that align with your inner being and soul blueprint. Together we create a plan of action to eliminate what  is holding you back from the life of your dreams while also activating deep knowing within you. Tips, tools, and techniques to help regulate the nervous system and create a peaceful presence in the physical body.

Catered curriculum just for you on your specific journey of ascension. 

A final session to evaluate how far you’ve come on your journey. A timeline of progress made and discussed in depth. A celebration of your transformation! You are amazing and when you put in the work it shows! Yes, you will transform!