Angles of Consciousness

  As we continue the ascension process each individual will access more “angles” of consciousness. 

You, as an individual conscious creator, will begin to embody more of your source light. Making room in your physical body is necessary to expand awareness and elevate your consciousness. This means reprogramming our DNA and it’s expression. The energetic debris and cymatic distortions that are impacting your current state of vibration can be cleared and recalibrated. Time to clean it up! The process of mental, emotional, and physical purification is what allows your consciousness to reach higher levels of awareness and expand into different “angles”of consciousness, accessible to you as you raise your vibration and heal your body. 

“What is this energetic debris and cymatic distortion in our DNA expression?”- you ask. 

There are feedback loops you consciously and subconsciously consented to in our modern world. What is within will match to the outer and what is external is connecting with the inner allowing for a resonance match. You are in a constant entanglement with the environment around you. There are also energetic constructs inherent in your genetic code, epigenetic memory that will manifest as subconscious behaviors. We must work on ourselves to shifts our vibrational fields. 

Mental body-

What structures within consciousness are you connected to? -This will directly impact your physical body and its ability to resonate on higher vibrational timelines. Old paradigms you’re still connected to that create limits in the mind and in turn keep you in lower vibration. 

Emotional body-Unhealed emotional trauma from current lifetime or within epigenetic memory must be addressed. Resentment, fear, and worry will keep your cells at a lower vibrational scale and limit your access to higher consciousness. 

Physical body-

The cells’ ability to hold light frequency based on the foods and chemicals we consume. The artificial ingredients that disrupt or limit signaling of our DNA. What you consume can limit what you’re able to activate in your DNA.  

To access higher levels of consciousness, take care of your mental, emotional, and physical body. Take time to do this internal work. Allow your foundation to build and stabilize at these higher harmonic levels. You will activate more and more of your DNA and access higher vibrational realities. 

With love, 


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