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Ash is a Educator, Spiritual Mentor, Energy Worker, and Cosmic Channel. Her intention is to provide you education of self-awareness, modern day alchemy, and the unified field. Ash is able to connect directly with your higher aspects of self. She also specializes in remote healing and removal of energetic blocks within your system. This will allow you to eliminate fear constructs that limit our capabilities to live in abundance and harmony.

Ash used to struggle with her abilities and attributed them to mental illness. Now she embraces her talents and recognizes them as a gift with the potential to help others. Her sovereignty process has helped her improve the lives of many clients; this includes an entire family that was lifted from collective depression and an entrepreneur who was able to increase his business from a 6-digit to a 7-digit income under Ash’s guidance.

With Ash’s education and techniques you will expand your knowledge of quantum physics, sacred geometry, modern alchemy, psychology, neuroscience, and ancient teachings. 

CEO & Founder