5 Types of Spiritual Healing & What to be careful of

Spirituality is a complex subject, and not every mind can assent its marvel. Spirituality is a concept that can only be fully understood if you genuinely put your hundred percent belief on it. Its central belief is that one must acknowledge that there is a higher power, above all. Spirituality is very popular for its healing charms. Most people get attracted to this practice while in search of healing from their trauma. The foremost requirement for Spiritual Healing is to be a true devotee or have a firm belief in your Spiritual Healer and their teachings.

A Spiritual healer is your confidante, who is fully ardent to guide you to be on the path of spirituality. He is there to support you and heal you through a series of spiritual lessons. A healer is there to make you aware of yourself. One feels lost; when he lost the grip of himself. You are nothing if you are not You! Gaining yourself back on track could be a tricky task, especially when accompanied by trauma and hardships of life.

Spiritual healing is not a new concept; it has been here with us for a long time. There are different ways to heal anyone through spiritual healing.

  1. Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing“Reiki” is a Japanese word; Rei means ‘God’s Wisdom’ and Ki means ‘Energy.’ It is a form of Energy Healing. People mostly associate spiritual healing with only mental health, which is not entirely true. The technique Reiki has been used for many physical illnesses, like Flu, Cold, Body pains, Headaches, and Stomach aches. It has also proven to be effective in the treatment of severe cases of Heart diseases.

Reiki involves a lot of hand movements and gestures. Your spiritual healer would use specific signals to channel the energy of the universe to heal your body and mind. In the course of Reiki, the spiritual healer would perform the Reiki technique on your body and provide you with the traditional medicine to cure you completely.

2. Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is the most popular kind of spiritual healing. Relatively more people are aware of Crystal’s healing and understand its process. As its name indicates, it involves different Crystals and Stones. The crystals used are essential to both who is healing and the spiritual mentor. In this form of spiritual healing, the energy channeling medium is specific crystals for specific purposes. They repel the negative energy in order to heal the illness, both mental and physical.

3. Pranic Healing

It is a fascinating kind of healing. This technique solely depends on the natural life source to heal the person’s energy. It is the supreme form of Energy Healing. Pranic healing directly works on the energy of the body to cleanse the toxicity and negativity.

4. Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing is based on the basic principle of Resonance and Entertainment. This technique does not involve any special tools or apparatus. Instead, it consists of breathing and visualizing the energy flow. A continuous and healthy energy aura is helpful in the escalation of physical and mental health.

5. Qigong

Qigong is probably the oldest Spiritual and Energy healing technique. This is a Chinese spiritual therapy that has been with us for four thousand years. Qigong is used to recuperate the lost balance of the body. It is the most effective process, and the results can be seen in a few sessions of Qigong. This therapy involves coordinated body movements, along with breathing, to restore the balance of the body.

There are few things to keep in mind when you choose Spiritual or Energy healing. This concept is not only related to mental illness. Spiritual therapy is also very effective in treating the physical condition, but you must go for a qualified and professional mentor for that person. It is a serious matter and should not be dealt with with ignorance. We hope this information would help you understand what you need. Metaphysical Ash has always strived to give their best. We will focus on your well-being and provide you with exposure to the spiritual journey in every way. We are here to deliver helpful information so that you can choose your spiritual mentor based on that information.

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