Hello there,

 I am Metaphysical Ash, your go to Spiritual Mentor!

I'm going to awaken that inner fire, access unshakable confidence, and empower you to live your most authentic life!

~Change Begins Within~

A bit about what I do for you...

I work with individuals one on one and in group settings awakening and activating passion and purpose.  My process will leave you feeling confident, whole, and completely in love with where you’re going.

Many of us are only accessing a small portion of our capabilities as a human being. My goal and mission is to take you deeper into the structure of Consciousness. Bringing awareness of limiting beliefs and traumas that have kept you anchored in your past and stopped you from moving forward into your greatest future. When there are limits in the mind, we limit our capacities to create and manifest. I’m here to awaken you to what is possible.

Are you ready to expand your mind and step into  unlimited possibilities?


Who is Metaphysical Ash…

Ashlea is an educator, spiritual mentor, energy worker, and architect of the new earth paradigm. She educates on the proper use of quantum structure to better humanity.

The change begins within each of us, how we think, how we feel, and the actions we take.

She will give you the self-awareness and tools to connect with your higher self and achieve healing, access or enhance dormant extrasensory abilities, and construct a new reality experience.  Allow her to open your mind to modern day alchemy, the unified field, and how to remove energetic blocks from your system.

CEO & Founder 


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